Five Tips For Email Marketing

Email marketing enables you to connect with people wherever they are at low cost. When people give you their email addresses, however, they're placing a significant amount of trust in you, and you have to be careful not to abuse that trust...

If you're considering an email-marketing newsletter for your business, it's therefore a good idea to seek out as many tips as possible about how to do it right. Heeding such tips is essential for successful email marketing.

Tips 1 and 2: Keep It Simple and Make It Easy

Most people scan rather than read email marketing material, so present it either in short, one-sentence paragraphs or as bullet points. Write concisely, use subheadings, and present keywords and triggers in boldface or contrasting colours. If you have a large amount of content use a 'Read More' link. Keep your template at a size that fits in preview panes and, since about half of your subscribers are likely to be viewing your email on mobile devices, make sure that your email marketing is mobile-friendly. This includes piggybacking a text version to your html. Include a link to your landing or product page in every paragraph to make it easy for your subscribers to click over to your website. Use as few images as possible, as they clutter the screen and most recipients aren't going to right-click on their filters, anyway.

Tips 3 and 4: Mind Your Subscribers and Provide Good Content

Make subscribing to your email marketing newsletter easy by posting sign-up forms on your homepage, Twitter account, Facebook page, blog, and anywhere else anyone who might be interested is likely to look. Send a welcoming email reminding new subscribers why they're receiving your newsletter, telling them of what they can expect from it, and perhaps making them a special introductory offer. If you can segment your subscribers by geographical location, demographics, or relationship to your firm target each segment with content in which they'll be interested. Edit and revise carefully for correct grammar and effective style. Send test emails to dummy accounts at all the major providers to ensure that they go through properly and are correctly formatted.

Tip 5: Don't Spam!

Perhaps the most important of all tips, read the anti-spam laws of any jurisdictions in which your subscribers live and follow them to the letter. Basically, you can send bulk email marketing materials only to people who have specifically requested them. You must include an obvious, clear unsubscribe link in every mailing. Ensure that your list is always accurate and up to date by removing email addresses that are returned as undeliverable, non-existent, or with full inboxes, or email providers are likely to identify your mailings as spam. Mailing List Software does that job automatically for you.