Tips on growing your email list

Tips from a local small business that became a national sensation using online marketing tactics. How does someone get 12,000+ subscribers on their email list? Here are some tips...

Find what makes you different and develop a plan to get attention and grow your list. What is your Unique Value Proposition? Choose a niche and address it. Put out a Facebook fanpage that reaches out to your niche, not necessary for selling your product, but just to start a conversation with the niche you want to sell to.

Public speaking helps, too. If you're not afraid to talk to groups, this is certainly a winner to grow your email list. People will get to know you. They'll always remember that they once saw you in real life. They will read your emails.

And ofcourse: make your business personable and relatable. Care about your audience. Period.

Video courtesy of Mailinglist service Aweber.